Ukrainian MP and coordinator of the Information Resistance OSINT Group Dmytro Tymchuk says a provocative video about the hypothetical seizure by Romania of Ukraine's Chernivtsi region in 2022 is being actively spun by Russian propagandists, which may be part of the Kremlin's plan to divert Ukrainians' attention by creating a mythical "Romanian threat."

According to the OSINT expert, it makes no sense for official Bucharest, which earlier asked to strengthen NATO presence in the Black Sea to counter Russian aggression and condemned the actions of the Russian Federation in the Kerch Strait, to create a controversial video where Romania is shown acting just as aggressively as Russia, Fakty reports.

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"This is the idea of the Kremlin: to launder its image and divert Ukrainians' attention to the mythical 'Romanian threat.' In addition, the Kremlin, as always, seeks to bring discord into the relations between Western countries supporting anti-Russian sanctions by 'knocking out' Romania from the ranks of the Western allies. A typical tactic of Russians – attempts to sow chaos and separation using information tools," Tymchuk wrote on social networks.

According to the expert, it is extremely important for Ukraine to analyze all Russian information attacks and each time let the Kremlin know that their plans will be harshly repulsed both by Ukraine and its international partners.