Photo from UNIAN

The CEC, Ukraine's Central Election Commission says data from 10 electoral districts, as of 16:00 show voter turnout in early parliamentary elections at 33.11%.

The relevant data are posted on the scoreboard at the CEC press center, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

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As of 16:00, the data have been received from 10 of 199 territorial electoral districts.

The report says voter turnout across Ukraine stands at 33.11%. In Dnipropetrovsk region (electoral districts24-40) it's 39.79%, in Donetsk region (45-52 and 57-60) 22.31%, in Zhytomyr region (62-67) 35.81%, in Lviv region (115-126) 32.45%, in Sumy region (157-162) 33.37%, and in Kharkiv region (168-181) 35.57%.