Photo from UNIAN

Roman Bezsmertnyi, Ukraine's representative in the political working group of the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas settlement believes that the Minsk process was successfully modified.

Viktor Medvedchuk, who is Vladimir Putin's ally in Ukraine's politics, was removed from the process, according to

"We have already modified [the Minsk process]. There is no Medvedchuk there. This is a very serious modification: it means that the object has been changed and it seems to me that it's a chance. But we need to reflect on it and start doing something," the official stressed.

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"Now, regarding the factor of attracting new cadres. Their involvement can vary. It can be formal, actual, analytical, related to security, etc. So I would try to mold on these things. Moreover, what we're clearly lacking is a public component. Look, we are dealing with a special phenomenon called war. And if we are aware of this, then we must fight against the war with all tools available – sometimes even those that we simply don't realize will play their role," said Bezsmertnyi.