Kremlin's support for the EU far-right threatens to split European unity (Video)

16:35, 03 April 2015
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As Russia moves its influence westwards through Kremlin sympathizers, Brussels is considering the threat of Russian President Vladimir Putin splitting the European Union via supporting far-right parties and gaining indirect power in member states. 

In Hungary, the elections in 2018 may result in the Russia-supported far-right party Jobbik, which is now the country’s third largest political force, gaining power, Ukraine Today reports.

A stunning EUR 10 billion loan is expected to be given by Moscow to the Hungarian government for upgrading a nuclear plant, a controversial move seen by many as an attempt to seal Russia’s influence in this European member state by injecting money.

France's National Front party, whose leader Marine Le Pen has denounced sanctions on Russia in the wake on the Kremlin’s aggressive foreign policy, received some EUR 9 million in funding from the First Czech Russian Bank, according to the party’s senior official..

Greece's new leftist government has said it may block further expansion of EU sanctions against Russia over Moscow's intervention in Ukraine.

Ironic as it is, while supporting far-right extremist organizations across Europe, Moscow continues with its propaganda line of protecting Russian speakers in Ukraine from an allegedly fascist government.

Now, the threat of breaking up European unity by Moscow is seen as a challenge to the union’s very existence.

See’s video section for more of the latest news from Ukraine in video from Ukraine Today, Ukraine’s 24-hour English-language news channel.

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