Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has dismissed seven heads of district state administrations in Ukrainian-controlled part of Donetsk region and 11 heads of district state administrations in Lviv region.

Respective orders are posted on the president's website.

The documents say that the cause behind their dismissal is the fact that the former president who appointed them is no longer in office.

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In particular, Oleksandr Romanyuk was dismissed from the post of the Boykivska District State Administration head, Mariupol, Donetsk region (No. 244/2019-rp), Dmytro Kirnosov from the post of Dobropillia District State Administration head (No. 245/2019-rp), Natalia Vynychenko from the post of Kostiantynivka District State Administration head (No. 246/2019-rp),Oleh Reshetnyak from the post of Nikolske District State Administration head (No.247/2019-rp), Anatoliy Shyshko from the post of Pokrovske District State Administration head (No.248/2019-rp), Yevhen Danyliuk from the post of Slovyanska District State Administration head (No.249/2019-rp), Mykola Kovalenko from the post of Yasynuvata District State Administration head (No.250/2019-rp).

In addition, according to presidential orders, Ihor Kryskiv was dismissed from the post of Brody District State Administration head, Lviv region (No.251/2019-rp), Pavlo Moroz from the post of Busk Regional State Administration head (No.252/2019-rp), Vasyl Tataryn from the post of Zhydachiv District State Administration head (No.253/2019-rp), Volodymyr Nedzelsky from the post of Zolochiv District State Administration head (No.254/2019-rp), Andriy Kos from the post of Mykolaiv District State Administration head (No.255/2019-rp), Volodymyr Tanchyn from the post of Peremyshlyany District State Administration head (No.256/2019-rp), Serhiy Ivakh from the post of Radekhiv District State Administration head (No.257/2019-rp), Bohdan Yanko from the post of Skole District State Administration head (No.258/2019-rp), Andriy Dyachenko from the post of Sokal District State Administration head (No.259/2019-rp), Ivan Hrys from the post of Stary Sambir District State Administration head (No.260/2019-rp), Ihor Samardak from the post of Yavoriv District State Administration head (No.261/2019-rp).

Earlier on Monday, Zelensky ordered to change heads of the SBU branches in Rivne, Volyn and Zhytomyr regions along with chief of nine district police stations in those regions.

He also called on the heads of the Main Department of the National Police and the SBU Department in Zhytomyr region to tender resignation over the illegal production of amber in that region.