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The Servant of the People party's strategy on protecting the rights of veterans lays in the adoption of a law that would clearly regulate benefits and categories of all veterans, as well as the creation of an agency that would coordinate the provision of social benefits, including to veterans, that's according to Halyna Tretiakova, the newly elected MP from Ukraine's leading political force.

"There are both veterans and volunteers in our faction. Moreover, we have them among our voters," she wrote on Facebook.

She emphasized the party will lobby the rights of veterans without undue bureaucracy created by various committees or ministries.

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According to Tretiakova, there is no need to create additional "feeders" for officials or mechanisms to satisfy political ambitions of Ukrainian lawmakers. "There is no need to make up PR stories on veterans and excessively praise politicians. We'd like to direct public funds to support those who defended Ukraine, not to hire people to government positions who, as often happens, have nothing to do with either the Anti-Terrorist Operation (Joint Forces Operation) or the front," she said.

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"Our strategy is to adopt a law on veterans, which will clearly regulate benefits and categories of all veterans, with the exception of labor veterans. In addition, it's to create an agency that will coordinate the provision of benefits, including to veterans. It's already time to headhunt for experts on veteran affairs for this agency," the politician said.

Tretiakova also stated the need to implement a holistic state social policy. "It is necessary to abandon practices where funds are allocated not to ensure social protection of those who need them, but to maintain a swollen state apparatus. We will not have committees for pensioners, for disabled persons, and such. However, no one will be forgotten," she added.