"Poland gives its hand to Ukraine. We are doing and will do everything so that other nations and peoples of the free Western world will give their hands to Ukraine," he said.

Komorowski also said about the joint history with Ukraine and stressed the importance of mutual forgiveness and reconciliation of Ukrainians and Poles.

"When the Poles and Ukrainians rose up against each other, it was always used by someone else who wanted to deprive these people of independence and freedom," he said.

"Poland and Ukraine will have no disputes and peoples of the two countries will be able to "forget about debates about the history of their conflicts and their tragic consequences," Komorowski said.

"The right way is mutual forgiveness and reconciliation," he said.

According to Komorowski, there will be no stable and secure Europe if Ukraine does not become a part of it.

"Poland is pleased to draw attention to the Ukrainian choice of European integration. We are looking forward to such decision with great pleasure, he said.

"We should remember that the creator of the Polish independent state after the Great War, Marshal Józef Piłsudski said that there would not be a free Poland without free Ukraine."

"Today, we must say that there will be no stable and secure Europe, if Ukraine does not become a part of it," Komorowski said.