The Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) will hold a number of mass protest actions against Ukraine’s joining NATO.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, CPU leader Petro Symonenko claimed this speaking at the opening of CPU press-center today.

“Today the Communist Party, together with other political forces, kicks off an all-Ukrainian protest action, completing all the previous actions against Ukraine’s joining NATO”, P.Symonenko claimed.

The Communist party plans to involve in its actions more than 10 thousand people from all over the country.

According to P.Symonenko, an informational camp was pitched at Maydan Nezalezhnosti square in the center of Kyiv. He did not specify what exactly measures are planned by CPU for the nearest days. “The actions will help Ukrainian citizens to formulate the real vision of consequences of Ukraine’s joining NATO”. Besides, according to the Communist leader, the actions will be carried out “in protest of the aggressive policy of USA”.