Businessman Ihor Kolomoisky believes that Russia has lost the war to Ukraine, and sooner or later it will have to surrender the occupied territories.

"Let's try to sort things out the points and check the balance. Firstly, Russia is suffering great losses from sanctions imposed. They are constantly being strengthened, and it's only Ukraine's position that could help lift some of the sanctions, which would lead to a recovery in the Russian economy and their fall will halt. Secondly, Donbas is a major burden for Russia, huge subsidies from the lean Russian budget are being allocated for maintenance, and the situation is only getting worse. Russian economy doesn't need Donbas. It's part of the Ukrainian industrial complex. If they return the Donbas industry to us, we will significantly increase trade, including with Russia, which has dropped 67% since 2014," Kolomoisky said in a wide interview with

In his opinion, the reintegration of Donbas will save billions for Russia and remove the burden of responsibility for the population that they "barely manage to feed."

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"Thirdly, otherwise, we will have to start an economic war. It's about raising the question of how metal produced in Donbas is exported, how Russia is involved in forging certificates. For example, Chelyabinsk Ferroalloy makes deliveries to factories in Yenakievo and Alchevsk. We could impose sanctions on it and completely block the sales of its products to Europe," the business suggested.

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Kolomoisky has also noted that Donbas is holding down major forces of the Russian army. Their military incur losses and costs, while waging two wars in Syria and Ukraine at once is an unreasonable burden for Russia.

"They are very vulnerable, and that's why the Americans kicked them out of Venezuela," he said.

The businessman believes that geopolitically, Russia is unable to stand up to its global competitors, the United States and China.

"It has been weakened; a front has been built against it because Russia is bogged down in Ukraine," he noted.

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"Russia has lost the war. They can't grab Ukraine, but sooner or later they will have to give up the occupied territories. Now we're offering that they withdraw based on the agreements, while they are able to influence a lot of things. We must direct Russia into the corridor to get out of these problems," Kolomoisky said.