Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has introduced new Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko to Ukrainian diplomats.

"I am very happy to be here and personally meet with our country's 'diplomatic army'. You know what is happening in our country and beyond," the president said during the presentation ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

According to Zelensky, "one of the main wars is diplomatic war."

"And I'd like to thank you for defending Ukraine, our borders, every day, morning to evening, sometimes overnight (sorry for those calls). I'd like to thank each of you. I respect your work and I'm sure you are real professionals," the president said.

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Zelensky told how Prystaiko helped him make tough decisions during hard talks over the phone. According to the president, he has been working with Prystaiko for four months, and is very pleased with his performance.

"Sometimes there come difficult decisions, difficult conversations. There were some very complicated calls – this is a kind of a small secret – there were calls with very complicated people, and we had to solve issues within a second. And I saw how Vadym was doing it, how helpful he was to me, and I am grateful to him," Zelensky said.