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A U.S. envoy to the OSCE at the annual meeting in Warsaw to review the implementation of human dimension commitments after a speech by pro-Russian delegates from the illegally annexed Crimea encouraged Russia to "open the doors" to the peninsula of the OSCE special monitoring mission.

"Ironic how pro-occupation voices deny abuses and ask us to 'visit Crimea.' Russia, why don't you open the doors to OSCE SMM and UNHumanRightsUA and let the whole world see the truth about your brutal occupation?" the U.S. Mission to the OSCE tweeted, referring to envoy James Gilmore, writes Krym.Realii.

On Sept 16, the OSCE launched in Warsaw the annual Human Dimension Implementation Meeting. It will last until Sept 27.

Participants from the illegally annexed Crimea have been registered for the OSCE meeting to represent Russian authorities and organizations operating on the peninsula.

During the event, these representatives have already called Crimea Russian territory and tried to convince the participants that there are no human rights violations on the peninsula after its annexation by Russia.

After the speeches by pro-Russian representatives from Crimea, the Ukrainian delegation first declared a demarche, but after that decided to continue its work in the Meeting.

Over the past five years, the Crimean Human Rights Group has recorded at least 300 facts of pressure on journalists in Crimea. These are physical attacks, torture, arbitrary detention, seizure of property, searches, threats, psychological pressure, bans to film, and denial of access to information. These data were presented at the OSCE HDIM 2019 in Warsaw.