Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko has intent to take part in sessions of the Kyiv City Council after the early election in the Ukrainian capital.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Yulia Tymoshenko claimed this to a press conference in the Cabinet of Ministers today.

“Should the Kyiv Council session consider significant issues, I will for sure attend, because, as of today, the capital indicates the worst results of corrupted work. On the other hand, I would like to show that a wide-scale cleansing of corruption for the whole country will begin from Kyiv”, Yulia Tymoshenko claimed.

According to her, the mandate of a Kyiv Council deputy will not hamper her to keep on working on the post of the Prime Minister. “Probably, it will strengthen ties between the work of government and the Kyiv City Council”, she added.

The Prime Minister noted she is even ready to go on leave for the period of the election campaign, if it is stipulated by the Ukrainian legislation.