He also urged the West not to use Savchenko as a bargaining chip in talks with Russia, Ukraine Today reports.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian female pilot’s prospects of freedom largely depend on global efforts of a diplomatic nature to find a solution to the Russia-instigated conflict in eastern Ukraine, he said.

Feygin has been defending the 33-year old Ukrainian pilot Savchenko in a Moscow court since the start of her pre-trial detention in a Moscow prison after she was captured by pro-Russian insurgents in the Donbas and taken against her will over the border to Russia. Savchenko is accused of complicity in the murder of two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine last summer - charges seen by many as rigged. According to Feygin, she should properly be considered a prisoner of war.

Feygin visited Washington to meet with U.S. congressmen to boost support for Savchenko through putting additional pressure on Russia.

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