Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian political scientist Serhiy Tolstov has said Kyiv should set real goals and simulate the promotion of foreign policy, first of all, with a scheme regarding Donbas during the negotiations with Washington.

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"The parameters of a clear agreement to understand where and what is possible, which stories are likely to result, which scenario is the most coveted," he said in an interview to the Segodnya newspaper.

"For this, I would try to work with the U.S. State Department. The Pentagon should also be taken into account here since it's difficult to talk with the U.S. National Security Council. They are not accessible through diplomatic channels. I would try to find out their position and behavior in different scenarios. If something depends on the U.S. position, we need to understand their attitude to various turns. Depending on this, I would choose our goals in the Normandy format," Tolstov said.