Security Service Valentyn Nalyvaichenko made the claim while speaking at the IV International scientific and practical conference "The restructuring of the global space: historical imperatives and challenges," an adviser to the chairman of the SBU, Markiyan Lubkivsky, wrote in his Facebook page on Thursday.

"Yanukovych’s regime dealt a big blow and damage to the Eastern Partnership policy due to willfully delaying Ukraine's integration into the European political, economic and humanitarian space, violating human rights, as well as [Ukraine’s] commitments under international treaties and conventions, while the then SBU chairman Yakymenko was spying, under the direct supervision of the Russian special services, on all ambassadors and Western embassies accredited in Kyiv" Nalyvaichenko said.

According to Nalyvaichenko, "on the other hand, the damage to the Eastern Partnership policy was caused by the Russian Federation as an aggressor country, which, in flagrant violation of all norms of international law, supplied to Yanukovych’s regime lethal and non-lethal weapons to fight their own people. The Russian secret services were involved in the regime to suppress national protests."

In addition, the SBU chairman said that Russian military aggression against Ukraine dictates the need for elaborating a new agenda of Eastern Partnership policy.

"So on the eve of the Riga Summit on the Eastern Partnership scheduled for May 21-22 this year, it is important that our partners are well aware of the level of the threat from the Russian side that not only Ukraine faces today, but the entire international community. And through active participation in implementing the ideas and the Eastern Partnership policy, Ukraine should not only receive assistance in the implementation of the [Association] Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, but also to regain the status of an important contributor to European security," Nalyvaichenko said.