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The NATO Parliamentary Assembly for the first time in 22 years has rejected the most controversial report on the application of economic sanctions against aggressor states thanks to the comments of the Ukrainian delegation.

"We insist on the extension of sanctions against Russia since this is an effective tool to put pressure on the aggressor state. Sanctions have a cumulative effect, they will certainly play an important role in changing Putin's regime. This will pave the way for the return of occupied Crimea and Donbas to Ukraine in the future," Head of the Ukrainian delegation Yegor Chernev said in a speech to the NATO PA, as reported by the Servant of the People Party on Facebook.

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Chernev himself wrote on Facebook about other successes of the Ukrainian delegation. In particular, Ukrainians added several amendments to the report on NATO's relations with the Russian Federation and the report on Ukraine.

The delegation also met with NATO PA President Madeleine Moon and held a number of meetings with delegates from different countries.