The Ukrainian People’s Party supports the course of the officials of Ukraine concerning integration to the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) and calls upon other political forces to take part in its realization.

According to the party’s press-release, forwarded to UNIAN, the UPP has addressed with a respective statement to the NATO Summit in Bucharest.

The party’s statement reads as follows:

The Euro Atlantic course it is, first of all, realization of political and economic transformations in the state, struggle with corruption, increasing the scale of living of people, providing its security and defence capability.

 It is first time in the new history of Ukraine that all high officials of the state, elected in democratic way, united around the idea of membership of Ukraine in NATO.

Unfortunately, some neighboring states are strongly against the right of Ukrainian people to make decisions concerning their fortune independently, they are against of the sovereign right of Ukraine as a state to enter to that or those political and economic unions, to make great contribution to international security. On the eve of the historical event – the Bucharest Summit of NATO – there is wide campaign in Ukraine and beyond its borders, the aim of which is to block the decision on joining of Ukraine to the Action Plan concerning membership in NATO.

It is necessary to say that Ukraine determined its position concerning its membership in Alliance at the state level in 2002. Representatives of the Party of Regions also voted for this decision and as for today they changed their position into opposite one.

The Ukrainian’s People Party, which has more than 100 thousand members, was consequently for the membership of Ukraine in NATO, guiding by the national interests of the state, first of all. We are sure that only in the Euro Atlantic community Ukraine can guarantee its security and  develop freely.

As for today it is not a secret to anyone that within the frameworks of Russia – NATO council the Kremlin has broadened the cooperation with NATO at deeper and wider level than Ukraine. Russia has 19 working groups in this council and these working groups work intensively. Ukraine can only dream about this format of relations.

Opinions of some European politicians and state figures about the prematurity of joining of Ukraine to the Action Plan concerning membership in NATO became more often in world media today. The Federal Chancellor of Germany and the President of France are among them. The Ukrainian People’s Party considers their statements directed against entrance of Ukraine to NATO to be an example of two-standards policy and humiliating flirting with officials of Russia provided by energy “gas” diktat of the Kremlin.

The arguments against entrance of Ukraine to NATO are be beneath criticism because it recognize the dependence of entrance of Ukraine to NATO on attitude of Russia towards this.

The Ukrainian People’s Party believes that the Bucharest Summit of NATO has to come to history as an event, which strengthened the European architecture of security, made the world more safe and predictable.

"According to our persuasion, the decision of joining of Ukraine to the MAP would be the logical continuation of the strategic course of NATO concerning approving the principles of democracy at the post Soviet area", the statement reads.