The North Atlantic Council will visit Ukraine in the near future [Oct 30-31], stopping in Kyiv and Odesa, NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg recalled, speaking to journalists in Brussels, ahead of a two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers.

The NATO chief said the delegation expects to hear from the Ukrainian government, ministers, and President Zelensky their opinions on the current developments and to have and exchange of views on how the Alliance could help Ukraine and the efforts toward a peaceful settlement.

As part of the visit, the Ukraine-NATO Commission will also meet.

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Stoltenberg said the visit will among other things address NATO's continued efforts to provide assistance to Ukraine in the process of reform, Army modernization, and anti-corruption efforts.

Besides, the Alliance is set to help Ukraine learn modern command and control methods, cyberdefense, and reform of the Armed Forces.

The North Atlantic Council is the principal political decision-making body of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), consisting of Permanent Representatives from its member countries. The meetings of the NAC are chaired by the Secretary General and, when decisions have to be made, action is agreed upon on the basis of unanimity and common accord.