"Nobody has the right to take the weapons of the Right Sector. The government did not give us weapons - we won them in battle. That’s why the state has no right to take itthem Of course, we have an order of Dmytro Yarosh and Andriy Stempytskiy not to hand over our weapons and to protect the base," Skoropadskiy said.

He said that the fighters of the Right Sector were not going to leave the organizations’ base in Dnipropetrovsk region, which has been surrounded by Ukrainian paratroopers.

"Nobody will enter the base. This is our base and [these are] our weapons," Skoropadskiy said.

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"The Right Sector will continue to negotiate with the state to legalize and join the Ministry of Defense as a separate structural unit," he said.

"We insist that we should enter into the structure of the Ministry of Defense as a unit," he said, explaining that the Ministry of Defense has proposed that the Right Sector unti disband and that its fighters apply to join the military in enlistment offices individually.

According to Skoropadskiy, on Wednesday the Right Sector is holding a meeting to ask the Presidential Administration what is happening in Dnipropetrovsk region at the Right Sector base.