During the visit to Donetsk, one of the two cities in eastern Ukraine, along with Luhansk, which have remained beyond Ukraine's control since mid-2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin's aide Vladislav Surkov reportedly raised before puppet "authorities" the issue of "passportization" of local residents.

"The issue is raised very sharply because both Surkov [who oversees the Donbas issues in the Kremlin] and Moscow assess the level of passportization as recognition by the locals of the 'republic'," Obozrevatel wrote citing a Ukrainian blogger Fashik Donetskiy.

At a meeting with the "DPR" self-styled officials, Surkov reportedly "yelled until he wheezed and everyone got a whooping" – including the terrorist "leader", Denis Pushilin, and the so-called "mayors" and " ministers" of the wannabe "republic".

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After a flood of cursing and swearing along with all sorts of threats, Putin's harshly demanded that at least 80% of the residents of the occupied territories obtain local "passports" [non-recognized internationally], according to the report.

As reported October 25, Russian president's aide Vladislav Surkov arrived in Donetsk.