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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has set up the Council on Freedom of Speech and the Protection of Journalists.

Relevant decree No. 808/2019 has been posted on the president's website.

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According to the decree, the council has been created to ensure compliance with the constitutional right to freedom of speech, to establish effective interaction between government agencies, the media, civil society institutions, in particular, to prevent obstruction of the legitimate professional activities of journalists, in accordance with Paragraph 28 of Part 1 of Article 106 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

The council is an advisory body under the president of Ukraine.

The council's main tasks include the development of proposals for the protection of information space in the interests of information security of Ukraine, ensuring the exercise of citizens' rights to freedom of speech and obtaining objective, reliable information, as well as providing guarantees for the legitimate professional activities of journalists.

In accordance with the assigned tasks, the council analyzes legislation in the information sphere and develops proposals for its improvement; monitors the state of ensuring the protection of journalists' professional activities and freedom of speech in Ukraine, compliance with journalism standards. It also introduces proposals on strengthening guarantees for the legitimate professional activities of journalists; develops measures for constructive interaction of government agencies, civil society institutions, the media on issues of freedom of speech and ensuring guarantees of the legitimate professional activities of journalists. In addition, it monitors the information space, generates proposals for resolving pressing issues of protecting information security in Ukraine; considers and makes proposals on other issues that relate to freedom of speech and the protection of journalists.