Photo from UNIAN

The Embassy of Ukraine in the USA has urged editors of The New York Times (NYT) to correct the mistake following the publication of Ukraine's map without Crimea.

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"The American edition has once again used a map with a clear violation of the internationally recognized border of Ukraine in one of its recent articles titled 'A Disgraced Ukrainian Oligarch's Bizarre Ski Resort Plan,'" the Embassy wrote on Facebook.

"The Embassy has once again appealed to the editors of The New York Times, urging to avoid mistakes depicting Crimea on the map of Ukraine and not play into the hands of Russian information propaganda," it said.

Photo from the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA

The Embassy also added it expects the prompt reaction of journalists of "an influential edition that is intended to convey the truth to the American and international community."

"And the truth is that Crimea is Ukraine! The mistake must be corrected!" it said.