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Ukrainian MP from the Servant of the People Party Iryna Vereshchuk has announced her resignation as government envoy to parliament.

"I've decided to resign as representative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in parliament, since we did not find common ground with the prime minister, we could not work together," she told journalists, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

Vereshchuk said that was her initiative.

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"I believe we have different visions in approaches to communication between the Cabinet and the parliament," she explained and gave an example that it was necessary to work professionally with lawmakers and take into account their opinion.

"I understand the Cabinet of Ministers has its own position, and those methods and forms of communication that I proposed are not effective today. And I respect the position of the Cabinet of Ministers, but I reserve the right to have my own position as well," the MP said.

Answering a clarifying question whether she was persuaded to stay in office, she said no one had persuaded her, that was a dialogue. "We agreed that I'd better write a letter of resignation," she said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, on November 13 passed in the first reading a government/alternative bill on amending certain legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the turnover of agricultural land, which introduces the land market in Ukraine since 2020.

Relevant bill No. 2178-10 was backed by 240 MPs with the required minimum of 226 votes. Vereshchuk was among those who abstained from the vote.

On November 14, Vereshchuk announced she would discuss the issue of her tenure of office with the prime minister on November 15.