Kyiv Mayor Oleksander Omelchenko is convinced that he lost the votes of Kyiv residents due to the lack of a civilized electoral law, which gave opponents of the incumbent Mayor a right to “slander him, lie about him, and spread rumors”.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this in an interview to journalists today, having noted that should a one tenth of that be true, Mayor Omelchenko could have been a neighbor of Zasukha today [Zasukha is former Kyiv Oblast governor who is now wanted by police].

Asked whether he feels himself defeated at the recent Mayor election, he said: “Morally – yes”.

Addressing journalists, O.Omelchenko claimed that he is ready to answer to the law of God and the law of journalists if they find at least 10% of sin among the whole lie and slander about him. “Because I’ve been guarded by laws of Ukraine. I have been having the  immunity for 9 years, as lawmakers. 7 prosecutors changed in Kyiv during 9 years, 8 police chiefs, and all the powers began to rule with an intelligent order – to inspect the activities of the Kyiv Mayor. That is why, I had enough of inspections from the prosecutor’s office, SBU, and the Interior Ministry”, stressed he.