Radiation in Kyiv and Chornobyl zone in safe range, says Emergencies Service

12:30, 11 May 2015
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There has been no increase in radiation levels in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv or the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone due to the recent forest fires near the destroyed nuclear plant, Ukraine’s State Service for Emergency Situations has said. 

No increase in radiation levels have been recorded / Photo by UNIAN

As of 0700 on Monday the background radiation level in Kyiv was 12 micro-roentgens per hour, with the safe level of radiation background being set at 30 micro-roentgens per hour.

In the Chornobyl zone the radiation level is 22 micro-roentgens per hour (with the safe level of radioactivity set at 50 micro-roentgens per hour).

On the industrial site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant the radiation level is 57 micro-roentgens per hour (with the safe level of background radiation set at up to 140 micro-roentgens per hour).

As UNIAN reported earlier, on April 28 about 320 hectares of fire spread on the Chornobyl Forest area in the exclusion zone, in Ivankov district. The fire was brought under control on April 29 at 1030, with no areas of open flame remaining.

The Emergencies Service on April 30 reported that it had not recorded any increase in background radiation due to the fires in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone or in Kyiv region.

The Chornobyl Exclusion Zone covers an area with a radius roughly 30 kilometers around the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the fourth reactor of which suffered a catastrophic explosion on April 26, 1986. The zone includes the north part of Ivankivskiy district of Kyiv region, and includes the nuclear plant itself, the towns of Chornobyl and Prypiat, and numerous smaller settlements. It also includes the north part of the Poliskiy district of Kyiv region.

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