Dmytro Kuleba / Photo from UNIAN

Normandy Four leaders are to sign a non-binding document, which will not contain any legal obligations on part of Ukraine.

"The first thing we must remember is that the communique is a political document. Undertaking any legal obligations by the Ukrainian president on behalf of the state is out of the question," Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Dmytro Kuleba said on ICTV, according to the news agency RBC-Ukraine.

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"The communique is very diplomatic now. I will tell you that this document does not contain any super breakthrough ideas, but everything will depend on the outcome of the negotiations," he added.

What is more, after the Normandy summit, new provisions could be added to the draft document prepared at Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said.

"Certainly. After all, this is a document that should be prepared in advance. This will be the backbone, which can then be further improved and supplemented with those things that can be agreed," he said.

The leaders of the Normandy Four states – Ukraine, France, Germany, and Russia – are scheduled to meet in Paris, France, on December 9.