According to the bill, posted on the Right Sector's Web site, the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps is "a voluntary military formation created on the basis of the current [draft] law, which combines subordination to state authorities and public initiatives by citizens of Ukraine to improve their military and patriotic readiness and to assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations of Ukraine in defending Ukraine and safeguarding its sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability, ensuring state security and protecting the state border of Ukraine."

The bill states that the "Ukrainian Volunteer Corps is a legal entity of public law. The Ukrainian Volunteer Corps' Charter shall be approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine after submission by the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps' commander and the Ministry of Defense."

In addition, under the bill, the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps is subordinate to the Ukraine's Defense Ministry. The Defense Ministry shall issue binding legal acts by prior agreement with the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps' commander.

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"The Ukrainian Volunteer Corps is a non-partisan organization. Any political parties' activity in the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, party promotion and propaganda are prohibited," the bill reads.

The Ukrainian Volunteer Corps will have its own uniform, flag, emblem, insignia and other symbols whose description is subject to approval by the commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps. The divisions incorporated in the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps may have their own flag and emblems, which are subject to approval by the commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps.