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Prosecutor of the Law Observance Oversight Department Oleksandr Novikov has won a competition for the post of National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) chief.

"On December 16, the NACP Selection Commission's head announced the winner's name. This is Oleksandr Novikov. He is a prosecutor of the Law Observance Oversight Department at the Prosecutor General's Office. To date, one of his high-profile cases in court concerns possible falsification of the results of external independent evaluation," Transparency International (TI) Ukraine reported.

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Transparency noted Novikov was a candidate for the post of head or first deputy head of the Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAPO) in 2015. At that moment, the commission offered to appoint Novikov as one of three candidates for the post of deputy head of SAPO Chief Nazar Kholodnytsky.

"Such a decision of the commission members means this candidate has the best professional experience, knowledge and qualities for the post of NACP's head among all applicants, as well as meets the criteria of competence and integrity. Now the commission should make a submission to the Cabinet of Ministers for the appointment of the nominee as NACP's head. Later, the Cabinet of Ministers will decide," legal adviser to TI Ukraine Oleksandr Kalitenko said.

The selection process lasted from November 8 to December 16, 2019, and took place in several stages: application submission, document evaluation and candidate testing, and individual interviews. Overall, 30 candidates participated in the competition, of whom 25 are male, 20 are less than 45 years old, 22 have a degree in law, six have PhD degrees and 29 are from Kyiv.

The NACP Selection Commission consists of six members selected by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, three of which were recommended by international donors providing technical assistance to Ukraine, namely: Tilman Hoppe (GER); Olha Kobylynska (UA); Goran Klemenčič (SLO); Kateryna Ryzhenko (UA); Michael Sears (USA); Vitaliy Shabunin (UA).