The minister says the digital database with biometric passports is an effective tool consuls' assistance / Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Vadym Prystaiko says that the use of foreign passports by Ukrainians going to the Russian Federation will ease and speed up the passport control procedure.

"Starting from March 1, the procedure for travelling to Russia will get better: fewer lines, faster control, more secure travel," he said on Twitter on December 21.

"The use of foreign passports makes it possible to prevent debtors who do not pay child spousal support and persons who violate Ukrainian law from fleeing to the Russian Federation to escape liability. From now on, border guards will quickly and without obstacles be able to see a complete picture of those who are leaving our country," he said.

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According to Prystaiko, trips to Russia with the use of foreign passports provide additional guarantees. "Once lost, the 'analog booklet' passport means '9 Circles of Bureaucratic Hell' to return to Ukraine. The digital database with biometric passports is a quick and effective tool for assistance from our consuls," he added.

As was earlier reported, from March 1, 2020, Ukrainian citizens will be able to travel to the Russian Federation, using only foreign passports. Those Ukrainian citizens travelling from Russia to Ukraine will still be able to use internal passports and birth certificates (for children) and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine will let them in without restriction.