Ukrainian  President Volodymyr Zelensky has greeted Ukrainian diplomats on their professional day, saying that Ukraine is backed by the civilized world thanks to their efforts.

"You courageously protect the truth and justice, defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, our firm course towards the European Union and NATO," he said in greetings posted on the president's official website on December 22. "Ukrainian diplomacy is respected by the entire international community. Your proactive position and patriotism are your strengths. It is thanks to you that Ukraine is backed by the civilized world."

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"Our common task is to maintain and make this support stronger," he said.

He added that the authorities had set ambitious goals to make Ukraine more influential. "Our state must continue confidently moving towards the EU and NATO. The world must know the true Ukrainian history and recognize the Ukrainian culture; Ukrainians should get the best opportunities to travel freely around the world and feel the state's effective protection when they are abroad," he said.

According to him, diplomats have a great responsibility for the country's future.

"Your professionalism, determination and dedication to the common cause will help you cope with these tasks," he added.

He wished Ukrainian diplomats inspiration and success.