Suzanna Stanik, the decree on whose appointment as a Constitutional Court judge was cancelled by President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko on April 3 of the current year, temporarily recalls all her signatures under Constitutional Court documents, adopted from April 22, 2004 to April 3, 2008.

This is said in S.Stanik’s letter to Constitutional Court chairman and judges, forwarded to UNIAN.

Видео дня

“I, being the citizen  Ukraine and judge of the Constitutional Court, has always observed and will observe the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine, and decrees of the President of Ukraine. That is why I’m obliged to fulfill the decree of the Ukrainian President of April 3, 2008, #297/2008”, the letter reads.

“I, S.R.Stanik, a Constitutional Court judge and deputy chief of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, officially announce that I temporarily recall all my signatures from Constitutional Court decisions, decrees, other procedural documents, which were voted and signed by me, since April 22, 2004 (on this day I took the oath of a Constitutional Court judge) till April 3, 2008, for the period of considering the issue of compliance of the Ukrainian President’s Decree of April 3, 2008, #297/2008, with the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine”.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on April 3, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko cancelled his Decree of 25 March 2004 #368 “On Appointing Suzanna Stanik as the Constitutional Court judge of Ukraine”. According to the document, S.Stanik was dismissed due to the “violation of the procedure of assumption of a Ukrainian Constitutional Court judge”.

On April 2, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, with his decree, reinstated Susanna Stanik on the post of the Constitutional Court judge.

In line with the document, the President ordered to reinstate S.Stanik on the post of the Constitutional Court judge “basing on part five article 124 of the Constitution of Ukraine, and due to the ruling of the Supreme Court of Ukraine dated March 25, 2008”.

Victor Yushchenko sacked S.Stanik with his decree of May 1, 2007, due to her violating the oath.  On July 18, 2007, the Shevchenkovskiy district court of Kyiv allowed the suit of S.Stanik against the President, and commissioned him to cancel his decree and to reinstate her on the post.

On March 25 of the current year, the Supreme Court of Ukraine reinstated S.Stanik on the post of the Constitutional Court judge. Thus, the Supreme Court, as the court of review, remained unchanged the ruling of the court of first instance.