President’s Chief of Staff Victor Baloha believes that the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko should support Vitaliy Klitchko as a single candidate of democratic forces for the post of the Kyiv Mayor.

This is said in V.Baloha’s comments, forwarded to UNIAN by the Presidential Secretariat.

Видео дня

In the opinion of V.Baloha, one of the key questions to be solved by the coalition this week is to propose a single candidate from democratic forces for the Kyiv Mayor election. Presently the political forces, members of OU-PSD and BYuT political blocs, have not come to an agreement concerning a single candidate.

The President’s Chief of Staff surmises that one of the partners in the coalition has a position that clearly differs from the opinion of the other partner, and is governed by its own big ambitions and growing appetites. “A very strange situation occurs: the coalition pushed through the Verkhovna Rada the political decision on holding the re-election in Kyiv, basing on unconvincing and legally reproachable arguments. However, instead of developing its achievement, the coalition got struck in its internal discrepancies. Meanwhile, the day of voting is nearing, and the democratic forces do not name any single surname, because BYuT has its own opinion”, V.Baloha stated.

Considering the paradoxicality of the situation, the President’s Chief of Staff considers expedient that BYuT supports the candidacy of V.Klitchko, leader of the eponymous bloc, who has already announced about his participation in the election. In the opinion of V.Baloha, his candidacy is a compromise, which suits the overwhelming majority of democratic forces and meets expectations of local residents. “The statement of BYuT in support of Klitchko will simultaneously indicate that BYuT supports the unity of the coalition. Otherwise the internal tension will just grow in the democratic camp, and will not bring any good.  The only way out will be to adopt a special law, stipulating that only a BYuT representative may become the Mayor of the capital. For instance, the law “On Oleksander Turchynov – the Mayor of Kyiv”, V.Baloha believes.