Dmytro Kuleba / Photo from UNIAN

Newly appointed Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has outlined five priority areas of work during his tenure.

"It is an honor, responsibility and opportunity for me. You heard the main words of the president: Ukraine's course in foreign policy remains unchanged. This, in particular, means that we continue to move to the EU and NATO," he wrote on Facebook, thanked President Zelensky and every MP who had supported his appointment.

"Literally five theses from me on my priorities in office: 1. Peace, security, and territorial integrity of Ukraine. 2. Economic diplomacy with a special focus on trade, attracting investment in Ukraine, and supporting industry. I see especially great opportunities in Southeast Asia, but we won't forget other parts of the world. Ukrainian diplomacy will also work where there are opportunities for Ukrainian businesses. 3. Public diplomacy so that the world was astonished about us and saw us not only as a victim of aggression, but also as an attractive country of opportunity. 4. Every Ukrainian is a drop in the ocean called 'Ukraine,' an integral part of our nation. Diplomats will do everything to make every Ukrainian proud of their Homeland, feel its support and protection, no matter where in the world they are. 5. I will actively encourage foreign Ukrainians not to sever ties with their Homeland. To motivate everyone who'd like to return home. To inspire anyone who is ready to be an advocate for Ukraine in their country of residence," he said.

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A dialogue with parliament is very important in implementing these ambitious tasks, Kuleba added.

"I am always open to communication with lawmakers, and I am sure that we will hear each other," he stressed.

In addition, the minister said that people were the greatest value for the Foreign Ministry as each "professional and energetic" employee "deserves decent and comfortable working conditions both at home and abroad. "Everything will be Ukraine," he added.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on March 4, Kuleba was tapped to head Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.