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The opening of criminal cases against battalion soldiers started when they began detaining trains three months ago, Radio Liberty has reported, quoting one of the soldiers in the battalion.

"Before that, we were on the front line, we suffered attacks from Grad rockets, we were killed – and we were good. But when we noticed [illegal] trade going on with the terrorists, we immediately became looters and murderers," the soldier said.

The soldier said that on Tuesday, June 16, the battalion detained another train coming from occupied Alchevsk to Dnipropetrovsk, which included about 20 carriages with pig iron, and in an empty train, in which the guards should have been travelling, officers discovered nine blocks of TNT.

According to the soldier, a subversive group of militants could have been travelling on the train. He argued that his commander was "called all night, receiving demands to let the train go, and in the morning on Wednesday, June 17, he disappeared when he was in hospital in Dnipropetrovsk."