This information was confirmed by Russian presidential adviser Andrey Belousov. He said that Russia considered the decisions on arrest of Russian property abroad as disputable, and was going to challenge them in court, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.

"We will challenge those decisions made in France and Belgium, in all countries. Everything that is related to the implementation of decisions of the Hague Court - we believe that the content may be incorrect, we will, of course, challenge this," Belousov said.

The chairman of VTB Andriy Kostin also reported about the seizure of Russian accounts in France. Kostin noted that French law enforcement authorities had arrested the accounts of Russian companies in French subsidiary of VTB. According to Kostin, the accounts of Russian diplomatic missions were also subject to arrest.

"The next morning they [the accounts of diplomatic missions] were unfrozen, but such problem existed. The amounts were insignificant, tens of thousands of euros. The accounts of Russian companies remained frozen. We are working on this problem with the lawyers," Kostin said.

As previously reported, all Russian institutions in Belgium, except for those protected under diplomatic immunity, have been notified of the arrest of their property.