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"A meeting of the tripartite Contact Group will be held in Minsk on June 23. The new OSCE representative, Austrian diplomat Martin Sajdik will attend the meeting for the first time," according to Olifer.

She also said that a meeting of three working groups on humanitarian, political and economic issues would be held prior the meeting of the tripartite Contact Group.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the previous OSCE special representative in the tripartite Contact Group, Heidi Tagliavini, has submitted her resignation.

Earlier, Russia appointed the ex-ambassador of Russia in Syria, Azamat Kulmuhametov, as its new special representative to the Contact Group.

Ukraine is represented by Volodymyr Horbulin, Yevhen Marchuk, Iryna Herashchenko and Ihor Veremiy in the sub-working groups of the tripartite Contact Group on the peaceful settlement of the Donbas conflict.