Party of Regions faction lawmaker Oleh Kalashnykov was taken to Feofania hospital with a “hypertension stroke” diagnosis.

UNIAN was told about this by Party of Regions lawmaker Anna German.

“Of course, we wish him a quick recovery. But I believe that the party should have responded more strictly to his actions against journalists”, she said.

According to her, Party of Regions front-runner Victor Yanukovych also tends to a stricter assessment of O.Kalashnykov’s actions. Asked whether the lawmaker may be banished from the Party of Regions or deprived of his deputy mandate, A.German said: “I believe today V.Yanukovych will disclose his stance at a meeting with STB journalists”.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on July 12, at around 12 PM, a group of supporters of the Party of Regions, together with the deputy Oleg Kalashnikov, attacked Marharyta Sytnyk, a journalist from the TV station STB, and Volodymyr Novosad, the operator. The journalists were located near the tents of the Party of Regions in the Mariins`kyi park and filmed a documentary on the tent city. The attackers illegitimately confiscated the video cassette with the footage from the crew, and the operator Volodymyr Novosad was physically assaulted. The results of the medical expertise confirm the fact of injuries. The journalist and the operator filed complaints with the police and the court.