Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine chairman Oleksander Moroz is convinced that the Our Ukraine faction will join the anti-crisis coalition.

According to VR press-service chief Victoria Shvedova, O.Moroz said this during a meeting with former USA Ambassador to Ukraine William Miller.

O.Moroz noted that after the anti-crisis coalition was created, the Ukraine’s foreign policy would not change. This is written in the coalition agreement, which, in fact, is a strategy of the country’s development, as of today.

“The European choice of Ukraine is my key task”, O.Moroz said.

The speaker informed the ex-Ambassador on the current economic situation in Ukraine. In particular, speaking about the perspective of forming the new government. O.Moroz noted that the parliament may form the government within two days. “The President should fulfill his constitutional function – to submit the candidacy of the Prime Minister, determined by the coalition, for the consideration of the parliament”, he said.

“The key to solving the problem is in the President’s hands”, O.Moroz said.