The United States is committed that Ukraine and Georgia to become the future members of NATO.

"We are committed to all of those countries to become the future members of NATO. We want all of them," Kay Bailey Hutchison, U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO, said during a LiveAtState briefing on April 1, 2020, when asked what the enlargement of the Alliance after North Macedonia became its 30th member means for aspirant countries like Georgia, Ukraine, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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"And we have been to Georgia, we have been to Ukraine. We want their reforms to come forward so that they can prevail over the Russian misinformation and actual border-enforcing of parts of their countries – Georgia and Ukraine," she said.

"Russia must let those countries have their sovereign rule, their sovereign territory, their boundaries, and we are very intent on helping Georgia and Ukraine continue to respond to the Russian aggression that has taken over parts of their countries. And we are not going to let down on those efforts," she added.

She also reiterates the Alliance adheres to an open door policy, and North Macedonia's case proves the effectiveness of the policy.

Hutchison stressed that assistance was being provided to Ukraine and Georgia, and a support package for Ukraine and Georgia would be discussed at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers on April 2.

"So we have an open door. I think that's what the accession of North Macedonia shows. And we are helping our partners, Georgia and Ukraine. We are giving them a package that will be discussed tomorrow at the foreign ministerial. I believe the foreign ministers will approve a package that continues to build on our support and help for Georgia and Ukraine," she said.