Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has outlined possible deadlines for lifting the quarantine restrictions imposed in the country over the coronavirus.

"How long should we be cooped up indoors? [People] are running out of money, businesses are crumbling... How long?! Let's talk, answering the question honestly," he wrote on Facebook late on April 9.

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Avakov says he receives many reports about the incidence rate and the situation in the regions, but he honestly admits he does not know when exactly these restrictions may be lifted. However, he suggests it is possible to end quarantine in May.

"I don't know, nobody knows. And if someone confidently says that he knows – don't believe him. I can nevertheless suppose and hope the country will begin to return to normal life in May, but will recover completely by summer at this stage," the minister said.

Avakov said the easing of quarantine measures would take place in several stages.

"First for the youth, then for the older people... in the second half of May... If we proceed with the current model of resistance to the virus, if we keep order and discipline. If we set aside feuds and will firmly adhere to the quarantine now," he added.