The Russian Federation is responsible for the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the occupied territories, while the invaders' inaction should become the subject of proceedings in international instances.

That's according to a number of deputies with the Servant of the People mono-majority faction in Ukraine's Parliament, who spoke with Guildhall.

MP Oleksandr Kachura, blaming Russia for the coronavirus spread in the occupied territories, considers it necessary to raise this issue at the diplomatic level.

"According to international law and decisions passed at international platforms, including the PACE, Russia is a party to the conflict and responsible for everything that is happening in the occupied territories, in particular for the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ukraine has to raise this issue at the diplomatic level and in the negotiation process. The consequences of the epidemic in the occupied territories and Russia's responsibility for them may become one of the grounds for bringing the aggressor to justice through international instances," said Kachura.

Leader of the Servant of the People faction David Arakhamia says he is not aware of the exact situation with COVID-19 in the occupied territories, while also blaming the Russian Federation for the ongoing processes.

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"The Russian Federation is responsible for everything that's now happening in the occupied territories," said the head of the faction.

Another MP with the ruling party, Vasyl Mokan, believes that Ukraine's appeal to the international community to exert diplomatic pressure on Russia, taking into account Moscow's responsibility for the pandemic spread across the occupied territories, would fit into the general logic of national policy on de-occupation.

"According to the Geneva Convention, the occupying state is responsible for the occupied territories, and today, Russia is responsible for both social protection and people's health in these territories. For example, the coronavirus has gotten into the occupied territories of Donbas, and we know that there are issues there, both with tests and with medical support, while Russia, is not contributing in any way to improving the situation. In the future, Russia's irresponsibility and inaction will be the subject of consideration in international courts. The appeal on the part of Ukraine to international partners regarding Russia's responsibility for the spread of the pandemic in the occupied territories would fit into the general logic of our de-occupation policy," the MP says.

Another MP, Iryna Vereshchuk, said that the Russian Federation did not intend to help the inhabitants of occupied Donbas, including because of the latest developments with the spread of coronavirus within Russia itself and because of the difficult economic situation there.

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"Russia should be held responsible before both the international community and the population of certain areas of Donbas for the occupation and for what's happening there today. We see what the situation is like within the Russian Federation, their economic problems – the issue of any assistance to the occupied Donbas is off the table there. Ukraine, in turn, suspended crossing in and out of the territory it controls and, as much as it can, helps people receive pensions remotely," said Iryna Vereshchuk.