The Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuri Yekhanurov has met all political forces that had crossed the 3% threshold, according to the Our Ukraine press-office.

“I am contented with meetings with representatives of all political winners that have won the parliamentary campaign. Every participant of negotiations has expressed its outlook on the future of Ukraine, the format and the principles of formation of a coalition. All of them seem to think about Ukraine” – Mr. Yekhanurov said.

Yuri Yekhanurov noted: “The party Council will meet in a week. We will discuss the campaign, make conclusions, and give an estimate to the sociopolitical situation at the post-election stage. We will discuss the main principles and a possible format of a coalition. It is necessary to prepare a draft memorandum” – he said.

“Naturally, there is a necessity to hold the next stage of negotiations. Our political force will try to make a formula of the new Ukrainian policy. I want to emphasize that the Our Ukraine bloc is against formation of a coalition as a closed joint-stock company. We should fix rules for all and no only for a coalition of winners.” – Mr. Yekhanurov said.