Many people start hinting that we would be the next volunteers to be appointed to some major government offices, given the recent high profile appointments of my colleagues. I need to make myself clear.

I am ready to hold any important office in this country on one condition: if the state starts purchasing thermal imagers and night vision devices, with their further logical distribution among our troops.

I will make my demand even clearer: I am ready to begin negotiations if the government purchases at least the same amount of thermal imagers, as we have already bought. When the government’s purchases will double ours - I am ready to give consent. For our part, we are doing everything possible to raise these stakes. At the moment, it we are talking about over 400 devices.

In the meantime, please don’t bother us while our guys remain blind at the forefront, and something always prevents the state from buying or producing “non-lethal weapons”, please do not bother us. We can’t win the war in Luhansk region with just purchased boots, rags, repaired roads, fighting contraband, and preparing for the heating season. However, I acknowledge that these are also important issues and they must be addressed, as well.

We are now doing just our job, being at the place. In our humble opinion, we do the most important things. There are no reasons for joy or victorious chants. Our country is on a very long and difficult path to recovery. Despite the holiday season, armored vehicles and artillery of the militants is further massing up in the direction of Artemivsk and Volnovakha. Similarly, two years ago, they began their “drills" on our border. The scenario may be different this time, but, if there’s a rifle on the wall, it will go off one day.

In the coming months, we will introduce “Arta” geoinformation control system of artillery fire, teach our army to use the artillery, and buy thermal imagers. The sooner our army gets new “eyes” and the ability to quickly apply precise and deadly blows at the enemy, the sooner we sleep peacefully. Meanwhile, we are not to be disturbed even with the most tempting posts. There are almost no volunteer organizations left which are capable of dealing with global issues, without reference to individual brigades or battalions. We are in the right place and doing the most important job.

In this regard, I ask you, my friends, not to be distracted with the news and continue to help the Army. After yesterday's events we will have a lot more work to be done. We’ll also bear more responsibility, and therefore we do not have the right to weakness or mistakes.

I understand, the dollar rates are high, I remember that it’s summer time, and everyone is tired. But when I come to the frontline, I'm ashamed to even think about it. Let's help our guys and rest afterward, with a clear conscience. It all depends on us, like never before.

Do you love your country? Then sell your traditional ‘vyshyvanka’ shirt and buy a thermal imager instead! We will tell you, where it is cheaper to purchase, and where it is better to send it.

So, are you in?

Vitaly Deyneha is the founder of the volunteer movement “Povertaysya Zhyvym” ["SaveLife"]