"It’s always the president who takes the final decision on the appointment of the ambassadors. Until the end of August, approximately 15 ambassadors will be appointed. This will be the Asian region, and the European [region]. For example, Thailand is a very important country, Australia, and Iran, which an interesting situation is unveiling now," the minister said.

Klimkin assured that the best diplomats are among the nominees. "These people are known to the public, they have a very good political and diplomatic history, and a good personal profile. The decrees on appointments have already been drafted. For two or three ambassadors we have already received agrement," said the head of the Foreign Ministry.

Read alsoPoroshenko appoints Chaly new Ambassador of Ukraine to USKlimkin noted that in the coming days Ukrainian Ambassador to Moldova will be appointed. "When Natalia Gherman (Moldova's Prime Minister) visited, she actually drove [the candidate for the post of Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Moldova] back to Moldova. In some other countries, we will receive agrement within a few weeks. One reason for delayed process is a procedure for processing the agrement. In some countries, it lasts a few months, especially where the system is different from ours, for example, in monarchies," Klimkin said.