This was disclosed by the Head of Ukrainian Government in the course of answering journalists’ questions at a joint briefing with Secretary General of the Council of Europe Terry Davis, according to the government’s press-office.

Yulia Tymoshenko noted that the part of European countries has parliamentary form of government and this does not exclude the president’s post. According to her, Ukraine should study experience of the European countries while amending the Constitution in favour of the parliamentary form of government.

At that Yulia Tymoshenko focused attention on the fact that, in accordance with analytical finding, BYT is that political force which has the highest chances to win at presidential elections. “That’s why, if we use logic, we should support the presidential form of government but our political force takes stand of democracy and the time has come for the parliamentary form of government”.

In his turn, Secretary General of the Council of Europe Terry Davis noted that there are different forms of government in the world. In particular, there is complicated form of government such as kingdom with both queen and parliament. “But it does not mean that Ukraine has to take it for a model”. He advised to analyze experience of other countries of the world and choose such form of government which is the best from the point of view of different conditions, including the history of the country.