The Party of Regions does not support the resignation of the government of Yulia Tymoshenko.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, party leader Victor Yanukovych claimed this today at the session of the oppositional government, headed by him.

“Hopes that we will initiate the resignation of the government are vain”, he said.

According to the words of V. Yanukovych, the initiative concerning the government resignation comes namely from the coalition, but “we will not support it”.

The leader of the Party of Regions said that today Ukraine is living without any budget. At the same time, he noted that if his government dared to do so, “nobody would ever allow us to stay in the House of the Government, and the quation of our resignation would be raised”. “But now, in this situation, when the split in the coalition is initiated by the coalition itself, we are opposed to it [the resignation of government - UNIAN]”, noted V. Yanukovych.

V. Yanukovych proposes the coalition to fix a period, during which a government is able to correct its mistakes. He noted that the Party of Regions will not help the coalition in its attempt “to split artificially”, to dismiss the government, and then, to look for those guilty, as it often happens in Ukraine.

He said that this situation already took place in 2005, and, “unfortunately, these experiments over Ukraine are keeping on”.