A new variant of the party program, which does not include the key anti-NATO and Russian language issues, may be presented at the Party of Regions convention, scheduled for April 19.

“Kommentarii” weekly writes about this, referring to its sources in the Party of Regions.

According to the sources, the program preparation was supervised by MP Boris Kolesnikov, and the internal party group of PR leader Victor Yanukovych was absolutely cut off from the process. The new party program will represent “a mix of the best political ideas and Christian-democratic values”, the newspaper reads.

Besides, according to the information of a newspaper, a group of party reformers, headed by B.Kolesnikov, will also propose a new statute of the Party of Regions, which will restrict the authorities of the party leader.

At the same time, an alternative draft party statute may be presented at the session. The alternative draft, to the contrary, stipulates a significant increase of the party chief role. It proposes to rename the Party of Regions Presidium into a political bureau, and allow it delegating any authorities to the party leader. This draft statute was worked out by a group, headed by MP Mykola Azarov.