17 August 2017
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Wife, mother-in-law, and children of Yushchenko deeply shocked with newspaper headline

Statement of Catherine Yushchenko

Ukrainian President’s wife Catherine Yushchenko is indignant at headlines in some mass media, telling about as if death of her husband.

“Me and the whole our family are extremely alarmed with some headlines and the tone of publications, which appeared today in some Ukrainian mass media, and which are connected with my husband – Victor Yushchenko.

Me, my 81-year old mother, our children, are still deeply shocked with the headline, published in “Vecherniye Vesti” [Evening News] daily – “Yushchenko DIED!”, reads the statement of C.Yushchenko, forwarded to UNIAN.

According to her, “this formulation about as if death of our near relative, as well as other such statements, can be assessed by me and my family only as a threat to the life of my husband Victor Yushchenko”.

V.Yushchenko stressed that the method of threats and speculations on the death theme indicates low ethic standards of journalism. “It’s a pity that the notion of freedom of speech is understood by some journalists as a freedom from human dignity and moral principles”, she stressed.

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