The Internet community has already branded the spin ridiculous, as the captured the “crew” speaking loudly and clearly, in phrases that seem memorized, sometimes forgetting of the right tone and expression. One of the “actors” even voices the date: July 17, 2014 – the day when the Malaysian Airlines aircraft was shot down over Donbas killing 298 people onboard.  

From the first seconds, a man behind the camera loudly declares with the Moscow accent that the “aircraft is approaching, according to schedule."

The comments under the video are generally critical of logical inconsistencies, bad direction and casting.

It is not the first time the Russian propaganda spins fabricated material in relation to the causes of the MH17 crash, inventing new speculations, using fake satellite photos, or expressing assumptions that Ukrainian air defense exercises are out of control.

Besides, there were high profile spins about a boy “crucified” by the Ukrainian troops as well as of “two slaves for each Ukrainian soldier [whom Russian propaganda calls ‘punishers’]” Such bogus stories largely target Russian citizens and Russian-speaking population around the world, including in Ukraine.