Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense faction leader Vyacheslav Kyrylenko believes that the actions of BYuT, which supports introducing amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution, “pose a real threat to the territorial integrity and state independence of Ukraine, which can be defended only by an effective presidential power at the current stage of the country’s development”.

According to the OU-PSD press-service, V.Kyrylenko claimed this, commenting on the BYuT’s initiative to introduce amendments into the Constitution and turn Ukraine into a parliamentary republic.

“Today BYuT, Party of Regions, and Communists, want to seize authorities from the President and transfer them to the factions of parliament and a kind of “Chancellor”, who will be appointed by the factions. In practice, it means to create a system of collective impunity and absolute power of parliamentary-oligarchic clans”, V.Kyrylenko said.

According to V.Kyrylenko, OU-PSD again addresses their partners from BYuT “with an insistent demand to stop destroying the coalition, to stop separate actions together with the oppositional parties against their partners in coalition, and, the most important – to refuse the intent to revise the Constitution and transfer the presidential authorities to the Verkhovna Rada”.